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Talk to your teen's doctor if you have concerns.Your teen's doctor may recommend treatment with a mental health professional.Treating the behavior now can reduce the chances a troubled teen will become a violent adult., Jeramy and Jerusha Clark offer an overview of a teen's brain from a neurological perspective, sharing insights on your teen's emotions and the impact of puberty and hormones.Even milder acts of aggression, such as hitting a younger sibling or destroying property on purpose, shouldn't be ignored.Violence can get worse over time if left unaddressed.“So it’s important to be firm and flexible at the same time.”It’s also important to set limits on cell phones and gadgets. ”Remind teens that the holiday season is not only about getting but also giving.

“We decided now that they were older, it was time to give back,” says mom Deneen.But that doesn’t mean you have to stick with the tried and true.Perhaps it’s time for some new ones (see sidebar) that acknowledge a teen’s individuality and interests.“Asking your teens gives them a sense of their importance, and shows them that parents value their contributions,” says clinical psychologist Dr. Parents might even share budget considerations and discuss how much money can be spent.Perhaps they would prefer a gift of Time (with a capital ‘T,’ no distractions) with parents or grandparents instead of presents?

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This is also a good time, too, to talk about expectations.

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