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Ali Moradi, a seismologist, told Iranian television that several foreshocks of magnitude 4.2 and greater sent some frightened residents into the streets before midnight, which meant fewer people were indoors when the main quake struck.In Iraq, Prime Minister Haider Abadi said he had “instructed civil defense teams and health and aid agencies to do all that they can” to assist quake victims.

Several women were sitting on the curb, dizzy from the shaking.In the town of Shahrak-e Elahiyeh, newly built apartment blocks suffered broken walls and collapsed ceilings, residents said.Resident Mehdi Sammeni said he and others slept in parks Sunday night, braving the cold.However, under the Shah, Iran was elevated to the status of the “Police of the Persian Gulf.” This was accomplished on two levels: first, Iran engaged in a massive program of military build-up and modernization; second, the United States designated the Iranian potentate as its main strategic partner in the key oil-rich region of the Persian Gulf.Iran, the anointed regional powerhouse, used this opportunity to flex its muscles and consolidate dominance in the region.

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