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He Never Wants To Meet (In real life)-Getting an online player to step away from his macbook and hang out in the real world is next to impossible.Why would he want to put himself out there, when he’s safe in his internet playin bubble.Now, there are always exceptions and last minute fun events or basketball tickets that come up, but we are focusing here on the beginning stages of dating, so humor me.

The latter will make an effort to see you as soon as she can. I am a rules girl and I choose not to accept a date the night of and, quite frankly, often not past Thursday morning for a weekend date.It all goes back to attention-players crave it, and if he can get it from the comfort of his own home, he’s not going to meet you.Plus, he’s not in it for a real life connection or relationship.Most guys I know have absolutely no clue what the hell to say in their online dating profile, so when I see a profile that is too perfect and contrived, I just have to raise a red flag.No, a guy shouldn’t be punished for being well spoken and eloquent, but it begs the question-what is he trying to prove?

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