Best online dating profiles to attract women

One of the classics is to simply say “It’s complicated…”.It doesn’t matter if there is anything complicated, it just makes the lady wonder what’s going on.

Don’t fight it, just accept that although everything around you talks about equality, women still like a man to take the lead and to have the resources to look after them. Don’t bang on about it, just say it’s going well but you have time for someone wonderful in your life. Accept it, deal with it and work out a solution that makes you stand out from the crowd.

Your profile text, which talks about how great you are, should be no more than a handful of paragraphs long.

Each paragraph should be just one or two sentences long. Everyone likes snuggling up with a DVD and a bottle of wine. But don’t just say that, because everyone says they like to travel – even if they absolutely hate leaving the house.

Why else do you think men still pay for most things on dates? If you would like more general tips on creating a good profile to attract women, click here for our indispensable guide.

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