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I think that if he's if he wouldn't use but he's a model if he's got out there this year taking 500 jump shots today than I was very disappointed.

Let's see how that goes now having said that supposing he can't improve to the level that badly did offensively. Part of the story here is that not only have they added David Bradley debated mark sparse. Hayward can cut the smaller guys more as far as its covers or because they they they are going to present. That hopefully he stressed you know not necessarily we can't guarantee can make up for.

RETRANSMISSION TO CORRECT RANK TO INTELLIGENCE ANALYST – FILE – In this Sunday, Sept. She will challenge Democrat Ben Cardin who has served two terms.

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And dissect this week is beloved in and rightly so because for his candor is humor issues is this just genuine. And forward David Price to as acts then this actress on any.

I know him as the guy that I grew up with being a Celtics fan and reading each and every week in the Boston Globe Bob Ryan thanks so much taken a few minutes and I joined the program tonight. So much of it as sort of a jerk and alienated himself so much from the fans by what's taken place here in the last week ten days that I much or there is any coming back from this Bob. Double or or more I mean I think that would solve it.And and beat quest now it's got these other albatross of the 217 million dollar contract.Nobody is it changes in narrative but it can get people back if he performs in the playoffs I don't think so. I would take him you know if you that stick themselves.Maybe winning two or 3 games in the Eastern Conference finals is the goal. Improved his office did that everybody is at least here as is significantly more effective offensive source in the in the when he Iraq.Is the net gain that much better when you attic Gordon Hayward but you lose and Avery Bradley. But I I think that part of that he's sitting on a tip did the age used here. He came here in the with a certain reputations in the Gupta defensively.

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  1. Harris even went so far as to say that each of those former flames actually have some sort of hold on you. My third child doesn’t have less of my heart just because I’ve loved two other children before him. It is ridiculous to suggest that there is not enough of my heart to go around.