Camping scavenger hunts for adults

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Simply go to the "Edit" menu, choose "Find in page" and then you can type your search term. These recommendations are harvested from a variety of listserv such as LM_NET, Childlit, Booktalkers, YALSA, etc.

Regardless of your age, camping and RV’ing is likely a source of enjoyment and time well spent with friends and family. Com – Sponsored by Disney, a great resource for pre-printed games and activities that can be great for keeping children entertained while RV traveling. Moms – An expansive collection of games by Laurel Smith for children which is useful for RV and camping games. Including games for special needs and high activity games such as Air Raid!

Our list was carefully researched and compiled to give families as well as adults ideas on how to entertain themselves and their passengers. From toddlers to teenagers, scavenger hunts and cootie catchers, this resource is wonderful to make sure to avoid the dreaded “I’m Bored! Some of the games have a supporting video for teaching the principles of the game. Rory’s Story Cubes – A very simple game that promotes creativity and can really be fun for all ages. 4-in-1 Tailgate Table – The ultimate camping games and outdoor activity center.

This game consists of 9 dice with an array of pictures on each side. It is portable fun and also a game that the younger folks can get in on and still enjoy it. Useful for serving meals, playing cards, and entertainment. A hilarious game to play with adults around a campfire. Poleish Frisbee also known as Beersbee (Beer optional)– A great team camping game to play at a campsite or next to the RV. A Frisbee is used by the opposing team in an attempt to knock your can off the pole.

Create your own story by the dice roll and also create your own rules. Be sure to go over the rules and also print some Charades cards. Rules require that each player keep a drink in their hand while tossing.

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