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, but his non-date date with Vanessa comes pretty darn close.Played by terrific guest star Sarah Baker, Vanessa is a funny, super charming waitress who Louis likes but parks in the friendzone because, well, she doesn’t look like Yvonne Strahovski.” and then I felt myself tearing up and I was like, He had us do it a few different ways but when I essentially point in the camera and say, “If you were standing over there looking at us, what you’d see is that we’re a perfect match,” and he kind of stands there looking into the camera. As an actor, I knew I was just doing one episode, so I knew it wouldn’t come back.That’s the crystallized truth to pull from that whole thing. Often times we see Louis on the show struggling to make those connections with people and here’s someone coming to him with such an open heart and he can’t quite accept it. Here’s this seemingly nice, friendly, fun, together girl and he can’t quite go there with her. But as a watcher, you think maybe they’ll start dating.He takes her out as a gesture and it actually goes great until Vanessa refers to herself as fat, and Louis tries to stop her, which she finds utterly disappointing.(What Vanessa tells him next is right up there with Gabourey Sidibe's amazing speech about confidence.) “Louis can’t even admit it because it’s like saying she’s so awful, like that it’s the worst thing a woman can be, overweight,” Baker told us. Louis is pretty guarded about his material so they didn’t send out a script or sides or anything.Second, and perhaps more damning, is the fact that a quick Google Scholar provides no evidence that anybody named Filemón Alvarado or Edgardo Morales ever published anything remotely approaching this topic over at least the past two years.

It’s not like she hasn’t thought them before, of course she has, but they’re all sort of spilling out right in front of him.“Vanessa takes issue with it because it’s not that big of a deal.” Vulture spoke with Baker, who last starred in the NBC comedy , about working with Louis C. on that lengthy final scene, why she had to will herself not to cry, and the story behind Ed Burns’s blink-and-you-missed-it appearance. The description I think was just, “Waitress at the Comedy Cellar.Funny, friendly and comfortable in her own skin.” That was all I knew.Of course, Vanessa is a lot more together than Liz wound up being. Think about the way this whole episode is framed: he and his friend are two overweight guys out on the street ogling women, talking about losing weight and then doing this “bang bang” where they eat two meals in a row. She sees something in him, the same way we all sit at home and see this tenderness between them.And then ultimately they go, “Nah, I don’t want to exercise.” You see the hypocrisy, even within ourselves, all the things we tell and don’t tell ourselves, the things we let ourselves off the hook for. It was important to him that it not feel like Vanessa was like balling Louis out. But this is something she’s encountered before with guys, and she sees how ridiculous it is and wants him to understand that it’s difficult.

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There’s a point in the speech at the end where she talks about hitting on hot guys and how they’re totally game because they’re not worried about about people thinking, Oh, what is he doing talking to that girl? Vanessa basically freaks out and says, “Holy shit, it’s Ed Burns. I love you,” and he’s just super sweet to her, like, “Aaa! ” and makes her sit on his lap and kisses her on the cheek.

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