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"Line 2"; This does not work text="Line 1""0A"X"Line2"; -- Richard A. That text="Line 1"

tim ;) On 8/12/2012 PM, [email protected]: i must have missed something on page 1 of the manual because no searches seem to be able to tell me how to do this. Here's what I have so far: for (my $i = 0; $i an executable. Or is there a way to get utl_encode to return the string instead of the hex represention?

Hex to ascii Hi, I need to convert a hex byte into its 2 byte ascii number.

What I'm doing is building a file name based on a single byte.

HEX to ASCII problem is : Traceback (most recent call last):=20 File "C:\Users\Marko\Desktop\\XOR", line 35, in =20 print("Key-" str(v=F5ti) ": " str("".join(tulemus2)))=20 Type Error: sequence item 0: expected str instance, bytes found=20 If i take away the join command i get this: Key-00000000: [b'u', b'o', b'\x00', b'\x1d', b' ', b'|', b' N', b'\x0f', b'= 9', b'j', b' K', b' J', b'&', b'#', b' A', b' K', b'5', b'k', b'_', b'\x1e', b'= ,', b'j', b'\x0c', b'\x08', b'i', b'(', b'\x06', b'\', b'r', b'3', b'\x1f'= , b' V', b's', b'9', b'\x1d']=20 the Key-00000000 is the key im using to decrypt the code.

everything else i= s generated by the decrytion process and the unhexlify command.

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