Is van hansis and jake silbermann dating

I think your just jelous because Jake is now getting the attention hes always deserved i think people underestimate him as and actor, and people should not because i think hes is capable of many things and good for him hes on the road to success!! I thought you knew Tyler had moved and was doubting they had moved together. The preview screenings of Stuffer have been giant hits. I know why did he have to grow it out and dye ot blond, to be honest i like when his hair is short and when he has his natural haircolor like earlier this year, i guess he wanted a change, but what do you all think of his hair not hot or not.. A guy I went to high school with makes indie movies out in L. You've probably never heard of him, and none of his films have been anything approaching hits, but he does what he loves and is able to put a roof over his head. As for Van doing an "It Gets Better" video, I'd settle for him just saying "I moved to L. with my boyfriend" in this interview with Roger from We Love Soaps. Yeah, I'm over soaps after the debacle that was the end of ATWT.

Once the film is sold, that will only be the beginning. I think the interview is going to be primarily about Van's movie, altho he might be asked about the soap.

Gute Zeiten, Schlechte Zeiten is a long-running German television soap opera, first broadcast on RTL in 1992.

also he wouldn't have to deal with issue of "is he? Somebody like Sean Hayes would be less believable b/c he played such an over-the-top character for so long, but Van's character on ATWT wasn't like i think Van could pull of playing straight, but his fans from ATWT will still remember him from luke, and associate him with that, and plus he is gay in real life so theres that as well, but its called acting and hes good at acting so he could just about pull anything off!!!

Van read for Mark Teschner a couple of weeks ago, but didn't get the part. I hope he gets on a show that takes off - I miss seeing him on TV. I truly believe some of them wouldn't think twice about inflicting physical injury on anyone who disagreed with them.

Yes, I'm aware that it wouldn't make a lot of sense for Tyler to move to L. being a theater actor; but do we know that he has actually moved there?

i wonder why would Tyler move to LA, for Van but i thought they broke up sometime ago i mean that rumour was going around for sometime, what do you people think??

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It actually looks pretty good, and I can't stand horror films. I don't care much for horror movies, but the production values looked pretty good judging from that 17 minute clip, especially for such a low-budget film. I couldn't stand his character on ATWT, but good for Jake for winning that award for his film. And in all seriousness, I hope to see VH back on TV soon. The latest news is, straight Jake silbermann can now go public with his girlfriend, when he was ATWT, the show ban him because of the Nuke storyline, his family lives in London and he and his girlfriend often visithow do you know that Jake was baned from naming his girlfriend i remeber twice in interviews he metioned his girlfreind and how do you know about his family living in london and he and his girlfriend visiting often??

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