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It should be noted that, with an essentially urban concept of the police dispersed on the streets dealing with vagrancy, soldiers were still responsible to a large extent for maintaining law and order in the territory, a duty which they exercised elegantly clad in breeches, short jacket and shako with the monarch – to which may be added the near monopoly of the court aristocracy over the senior command, as Monteiro (2007) has clearly shown, despite recourse to foreign commanders and soldiers, paid at the going rate – and the new requirement of loyalty and service to the (Valente, 1997; Marques, 1999).

amply demonstrated that the evolution of the social composition of the officer corps had a bearing on their relationship with the Portuguese context in specific eras (1910, 19).

However, the same cannot be said of the prevailing political ideologies in each of these periods, despite the important contribution by Ferreira (1992).

It may be noted, as an aside, that this veritable mythology corresponded to the values extolled by the political class representing Liberal constitutionalism, but owed little to real history since, strictly speaking, it was only after the late 17 century that reference could be made to a national army (i.e.

a single army subordinate to the head of state, although raised in the provinces by municipalities and the nobility).

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