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However, he dropped out without completing high school education.

Overall, he attended 4 high schools in a 5-year period.

Post that, he joined Avondale Secondary Alternative School, where he was given permission to pursue an acting career while studying.Likewise, celebrity speakers’ agency NMP Live, which represents the women for appearances on the after-dinner circuit, told me this week that Trinny and Susannah have not had any bookings — which used to earn them up to £15,000 a time — since they stopped appearing regularly on our screens in 2008. ” ’She continued: ‘Lyla had a meltdown at school last term and said: “None of the other mums go away.” I said: “They do, my love, and sometimes some mummies who stay in London see their children for only half an hour at breakfast.More recently, they have had to make do regurgitating their fashion advice to women in the likes of Poland and Israel, and their most recent TV shows are being aired on satellite stations in Norway, Sweden and Denmark. Those pictures, taken in June when he and the television chef were having a row at an outside table at Scott’s, led to Saatchi accepting a police caution for assault and to the couple’s divorce a month later.Less than two months after they started dating, banker’s daughter Trinny has, apparently, already begun leaving make-up, a toothbrush and spare clothes at the former advertising magnate’s home in Chelsea, where three-times married Charles used to live with Nigella.

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