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STATUS: Ordered to series at WHAT TO EXPECT: A TV-movie remake of the 1993 film, which starred Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kathy Najimy as three witches accidentally resurrected in Salem, Mass.STATUS: In development at Disney Channel (September 2017) WHAT TO EXPECT: A potential series inspired by the 1969 film (and its 2003 remake), which will center on a makeshift family of expert criminals who are forced out of retirement when an opportunity arises to get their beloved patriarch out of jail STATUS: Received a script commitment plus penalty at NBC (September 2016) WHAT TO EXPECT: A series adaptation of the 1999 teen film, which will feature a clique of Beverly Hills friends who are forced to keep a terrible secret after a bachelorette party gone wrong STATUS: In development at E!WHAT TO EXPECT: A half-hour comedy adaptation of Garry Marshall’s 1984 film, about a kid who takes a summer job at a beach resort to be near the girl of his dreams STATUS: In development at ABC Studios (August 2015) WHAT TO EXPECT: A TV-series reboot of the classic 1974 blaxpoitation film, which starred Pam Grier as a woman seeking vengeance against a crime syndicate after her boyfriend is murdered STATUS: In development at Hulu (December 2016) ANYTHING ELSE?: Meagan Good ( WHAT IT WAS: A reimagining of the 2000 sci-fi film, this time centering on a female police detective who discovers she is able to speak via ham radio with her estranged father — who died 20 years prior and was also a detective STATUS: Cancelled at The CW after one season; an epilogue is available here.A lot more thought out and yet free-form than most wedding photography, a pre-wedding photo session is almost carefree in comparison to the structures and conventions of a wedding shoot.While you can choose to adopt a more sombre ambiance, the majority of couples choose to have as much fun with it as possible.As the name necessarily implies, this area is the concern of those who haven’t gotten hitched yet, but have just been duly engaged.

This makes it a challenge for the photographer, one that they cannot afford to fail to match up to.23, on Netflix WHAT IT IS: A crime-comedy series based on the 2000 movie of the same name; the new version revolves around a group of twentysomething hustlers who are thrust into the world of organized crime after stumbling upon a truckload of stolen gold bullion.STATUS: Season 1 is now streaming on Crackle; renewed for Season 2, to premiere in 2018 WHAT TO EXPECT: An hour-long, futuristic thriller based on the 2013 film in which the only survivors of a post-apocalyptic world live on a globe-trotting, stratified train STATUS: Pilot ordered at TNT (November 2016), starring , a scripted drama based on the popular dance film franchise, which will center on dancers in a contemporary performing arts school STATUS: Launching in 2017 as You Tube Red’s first original scripted series; exact premiere date TBA ANYTHING ELSE?: Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan-Tatum, who co-starred in the first WHAT IT IS: A prequel series based on the 2008 film, which follows a young Bryan Mills (played in the movie by Liam Neeson) as he acquires his “particular set of skills” STATUS: Season 2 premieres at midseason. A path filled with every possible expression of elation, joy, and myriad forms of ecstasy.

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During a pre-wedding photo session, the person behind the lens will have all the time to carefully line up the celebrating couple in whatever pose that is needed in just the right background with the luxury of as many retakes as it takes.

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