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Listing something else, will ultimately disqualify you from matching with most women on Okcupid.Next, your Relationship Type options are; If you're not Single, again you're better off using one of the dedicated cheaters or poly focused dating sites, because Okcupid users are mostly Single, and seeking the same.About your passions, career, or love of playing the drums. Instead, write how you feel, about the little things that make your life awesome. But it’s best to stick with highlighting the positives; Have an extraordinary talent or skill?This is the place to mention it on your Okcupid profile. I’ve read thousands of Okcupid profiles as a Personal Dating Assistant.Our in house data here at Personal Dating Assistants reveals 12 of the most attractive personality archetypes for men dating online. Then you'll be ready to tackle Okcupid's self summary section.

This guide will give you the best Okcupid profile tips for making your self summary as funny, intriguing, and attractive as possible. In fact, I've written nearly one hundred dating profiles for singles on Okcupid, from all walks of life. Your Okcupid self summary is by far the most important, and most difficult part of writing an Okcupid profile, and yet, it's also what holds the key to your online dating success.It doesn't need to be deep, or ironically trite, but it is an opportunity to keep things cohesive with your overall angle.For example, if you've been going with the "successful & established" angle, and happen to work in advertising, your profile could say; Consider what type of image you want to project before putting down just anything here. Then it's best to stay away from writing that you're in the club on Friday nights.Yeah, Ok Cupid asks you to answer 10 big questions; quite a bit of information—but the good thing is, it’s all about YOU. It should almost always be something funny, or intriguing.This is your moment to really grab your readers attention. The goal here is to simply make them want to read more.. Just focus on your unique or interesting qualities.

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Like, This profile question is a free-for-all opportunity to make a clever joke, or provide a glimpse into your overall mindset.

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