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The Queen is certainly someone who likes to drive - drive very fast - and prides herself on her knowledge of cars, gained when she served in the Auxiliary Territorial Service during the War.But the idea that she would invite Jack (played by Jack Reynor), the young airman she befriends, back to the palace for breakfast is simply rubbish.

Road safety charity Brake described the figures as concerning and called for all cameras to be switched on, while AA president Edmund King said the high number of inactive cameras was due to pressure on budgets.

When the King (who is well played by Rupert Everett, although he is too fit in every sense of the word to capture George VI) gives his daughters permission to escape the confines of royal protocol for one night, they are entrusted to two daft, nameless officers. ’, and they [the King and Queen] came out on the balcony. No one recognised Princess Elizabeth or Princess Margaret, and we went round up Whitehall, up Piccadilly, into the Ritz Hotel – I used to have a little room there – and back through Hyde Park Corner, down the Mall.” Such are the historical details of an evening that the Queen’s cousin, Margaret Rhodes, later was to describe as “Cinderella in reverse”.

“At a certain time we were going to be with the crowd outside Buckingham Palace and everyone started to say, 'We want the King! If anything more happened, there is only one person alive who knows about it (Lord Porchester died in 2001) and she is certainly not going to talk, though I can’t help wondering if the Queen might be tempted to see the film and have a laugh at everything it invents.

For those like me too young to have experienced it, this film conveys the popular emotion of that day in May 1945.

“We all roared ourselves hoarse,” recalled Noël Coward, who was among the crowd.

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