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What's its availability; in production, limited edition or discontinued? It's a work of pure art if U ask me, as even Fahrenheit, to which this is sort of a companion piece, doesn't get the burning petrol feel quite like this catches the rubber. I don't think it is masculine at all, I find it very feminine which clashes with many reviews here.

Batch Number: Unknown (Production Date: Unknown) Age: 25 From: Trade Size: 75 ML Scent: 3.25/5 (Meh). Black gets it to the very point that once a friend of mine tought we skidded whilst driving when he cought a wiff of this.

I love Mi P, and hard telling when my stash will bottom out - so I guess I'll keep Black and enjoy its charms...the winter. Was a little worried about all this talk about rubber. I kind of expected something different with this (unisex, perhaps..? Bvlgari Black is a unique creation, really fabulous!I have a bottle of Black, with the On/Off cap that does not come off. But even pre-2009, I still find this lacking in potency/sillage and the lasting power is okay- but light. I read the fragrantica reviews and ratings before purchasing and thought it would be a great blind buy. At first I did catch all the top notes but they went away pretty quickly, withing 5-10 minutes.While smelling all of the notes after initially applying Black I thought it was pretty good!Then my hopes crashed as after the top notes faded and I smelled the middle and bottom notes together I HATED this composition.

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