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Recovery procedure after firmware update crash In case of firmware upgrade crash (e.g. "REC 99", "OK", "EJECT STORAGE AND REBOOT" messages on the front panel of the player. Zappiti Player firmware version "140430_0849_b8" Zappiti Player: dune_firmware_zappiti__base3d_140430_0849_b8zip Zappiti Player Mini: dune_firmware_zappiti__tv303d_140430_0849_b8zip Changes since 131014_0158_b8 (beta): - Add internal Zappiti Dynamic plugin with automatic upgrade. - Updated Videomore preinstalled application (Russian language only). - Improved time synchronization mechanism in case when NTP server is not reachable. - Fixes related to music playback from application using STB JS API. - Robustness improvements related to HTML applications based on Dune JS STB API. - Fixed hangup when fast switching channels in PHP plugins. Zappiti Player firmware version "130402_1912_b5" (stable) Zappiti Player: dune_firmware_zappiti__base3d_130402_1912_b5zip Zappiti Player Mini: dune_firmware_zappiti__tv303d_130402_1912_b5zip Changes since 130222_1831_b5: - Minor fixes. - Internal improvements in plugins upgrade mechanism. - Help line is displayed when some text field is active. Zappiti Player firmware version "130515_2104_b6" Zappiti Player: dune_firmware_zappiti__base3d_130515_2104_b6zip Zappiti Player Mini: dune_firmware_zappiti__tv303d_130515_2104_b6zip Changes since 130429_1605_b6: - Default value of SMB workgroup setting is changed to "WORKGROUP".You have to extract it on the internal HDD of your computer. - Did you try to plug your USB flash drive on another USB input? If it doen't work on the USB 3.0 port, try again on another USB port. To format USB Flash drive (up to 4GB) in FAT32, Mac OSX create 2 partitions. Unzip the file with Win Zip (or Win Zip Mac Edition for Mac users) and place the all files at the top level (root) of an USB flash drive (up to 4 GB) formatted in FAT32. Connect the USB flash drive to one of the USB 2.0 port of the Zappiti Player 4K. Connect your Zappiti Player 4K directly to your TV in HDMI instead of your AV Receiver. Start the Zappiti Player 4K without pressing the reset button. So please copy the IMG file on the 2 partitions to be sure that the player will see it on the boot sequence. Switch off the Zappiti Player 4K by using the Power On / Off button located on the back side. Connect the USB flash drive into one USB 3.0 port located the left of the unit and disconnect the network cable. Press the reset button by using a paper clip (small hole located on the side of the unit). Thank you to carefully read all of this procedure first! Note: this beta version doesn't support the Reset Factory Default function. Zappiti Explorer is now a standalone app available from the home page. Removal of most default apps (it remains possible to add additional apps via Google Play). Download: Zappiti Player 4K Firmware version "20150427 OS1 b2"... Improved support for subtitles with adding of new languages: Arabic, Indi.

If you downloaded a ZIP file, please extract it on the internal HDD of your computer. Place the IMG file on a USB flash drive formatted in FAT32. Then you just have to enter your "Zappiti" account (not to be confused with your Google Play account) in Zappiti app. Adding information icons on the detection of local devices and wired and wireless network. Added a Killer Apps button to forcibly stop all the apps and release memory. Added a " " button to add shortcuts to apps on the personal home page. Simplification of the page "My apps" and delete Widgets for improving the stability of the home page. Subtitle preferences such as size, position and color are now memorized. Added support for more than 40 subtitle languages (more coding will be added soon). Multitasks support: switch from an app to another app without exit it. Added feature to enable or disable the default subtitle. Improved texts of Audio settings panel for SPDIF audio format. For example, if you set English subtitle for a file, this subtitle will be set by default for this video. Now LEFT/RIGHT jump to 1 min forward/backward in the timeline during playback. - Did you download the firmware file on the internal HDD of your computer or directly on your USB flash memory drive? So thank you for your patience throughout the initialization of the Zappiti Player 4K until you reach the player's home page (Zappiti / Explorer / Google Play). After the second reboot, please click on "Settings", then set your language. You have to download it on the internal HDD of your computer. - Did you uncompress the file on the internal HDD of your computer or on your USB flash memory drive? As long as the Zappiti logo is not displayed, do not turn off or disconnect the player above! DO NOT RESTART the player until the main page appears. After the first initial boot, please restart the player.

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