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We also offer a variety of elective classes with certification programs in welding, culinary arts and floral design.

The district is currently in the process of developing career paths for agriculture and STEM.

These and many other experiences give our students what they need to be successful after high school.

Our goal is to provide a meaningful and valuable educational experience for your son or daughter.

Not pictured: Zachary Berger, Humberto Clemente de Araujo, Zachary Corey, Emily Lavoie, Joseph Nichols, Christopher Capitella, Sarah Haentjens, Cody Hallock, Jaxon Lucas, Clifford Saunders, John Iarusso East Haddam Public Schools consists of three schools serving students from Kindergarten to twelfth grade.

We have been working very hard to ensure our feis is a wonderful experience for you all!

Teachers throughout the district have made this possible.

Our students experience deep learning in our unique learning opportunities such as genius hour where students choose a problem to solve, research, brainstorm, and develop a solution.

Wheatland Union High School's tradition of excellence depends upon parents, students, and staff working together in a unified, focused effort.

There's a feis this coming weekend and the next one in Portland is in June. https:// Post a Reply to this Message ][ Edit | View ] We have just received word that the block will not be extended, so please book ASAP to ensure that you get a room at the Sheraton Harbor Island for the Rose-Ritchie Feis.

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Beacon RCC is a vibrant, long-standing cycling club based in south Birmingham.

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